What people are saying about ROCKIN' ROMEO & JULIET...

"Shakespeare Gets Plugged in and Cranked to '10' " -- Read a review from the L.A. Downtown News.

“Tremendous talent, David McGaw--sing, dance, act, write music.  Gymnastics great.  Juliet great,  Great concept.”
    --Thad Taylor, the Globe Playhouse

“Your lovely performance of Romeo & Juliet...was extremely creative.  David, I loved your vocal stage performance--it was excellent.  Your cast was very talented as well.  Beautiful new rock musical.  Band was great.”
    --Richard Lockhart, music industry professional

“Martial arts actors very good.  Show’s diverse aspect very informative, would do well in France.  This kind of story is not for a particular time or country--it’s universal.  New things, interesting concept.  Paul Bacon was fabulous.  Dancing great.  Liked Capulet’s make-up, great idea.  Love the show.  Cast wonderful.  Wonderful idea to do rock musical of Romeo & Juliet.  Loved Stacie Wilson as Benvolio.”
    --Yolanda DuPres, French translator

Josh Covitt (Mercutio) and Gene Fereaud (Tybalt) *

“Very promising future with the show.  Mr. World Romeo.  Love the concept.  Classical, modern, Juliet black--good.  World music.  Mercutio great, “Pin-Up Girl” great, Marilyn Monroe great, genuinely moved by production.”
    --Rick Velleff, music industry professional

Mary Ann Powell as the Nurse with Juliet+

 “Concept cool.  Fast, music great.”
    --Bob D’Amato, manager

“Loved the martial arts.  Great concept.  Great songs.  Visual.  Came alive.  Great casting.  Romeo as narrator.”
    --Chip Young, Disney ASCAP workshop

“The concept is terrific.”
    --Arline Chambers, theatre producer

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