An outdoor theatre production presented by Chockablock Productions in association with the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks -- Pershing Square, downtown Los Angeles, May 20, 2001
Virtic Emil Brown as Juliet and David McGaw as Romeo, with Ed Zajac as Friar Laurence *

The "Broken Heart" dancers +

At the Capulet Party *


At the Capulet Party *

Elizabeth Swenson as Lady Capulet, Vartan Hekimian as Capulet, and David Kraai as Paris*

Jake McKinney and Jenine Smith (Benvolio)+

John Cragen (Prince Escalus) with Geoff Going (Prince's Guard) and Christopher Lohr (Montague)+

Romeo with Pin-Up Girls Radha Nilia and Kerry Grether.*

* photos by Josef Klus (Balthasar)
+ photos by Felix Salzman

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