More about the talented company members performing in David McGaw's Romeo & Juliet  at Pershing Square
May 20, 2001

VIRTIC EMIL BROWN (Juliet) Bad Vibes, Brown Eyes, Cyberstep, All That.  Currently studying with Juliet Ariola; studied at NYU under Stella Adler.  Virtic played Juliet in the world premiere of David McGaw’s ROMEO & JULIET.

MICHAEL P. CONNOLLY  (Dancer/Choreographer) - Michael comes to us with more than sixteen years dance experience and is currently attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Hollywood.  He enjoys acting as much as dancing and keeps very busy with both.  He was previously a guest artist with the internationally acclaimed Ballet West in a production of Alice in Wonderland and a few of his favorite roles for stage include the protagonistic “Juror #8” in Twelve Angry Men, and “Danny” in Sexual Perversity in Chicago.

BROOK CORBITT (Servingman/Montague’s Warrior) - Brook has been featured in the feature film Go For Broke as well as Gash and performed the lead in Edmund.  Notable theatre performances - Brook has performed as the lead in The Buck Stops Here and as Walter Mitty in  The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.  Brook is currently training with Gwen Hillier and David Maille in a “Working in Soaps” class and Joey Paul in “On-Camera Auditioning.”  Brook studied at Dee Wallace Stone Actor’s Studio and West Baron Hill.

JOSH COVITT (Mercutio) - Josh has studied theatre at the UCLA School of Theatre, Film, and Television as well as in London.  He recently finished filming the short film American Icarus and will be performing at Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum this summer.  Josh also enjoys peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

JOHN CRAGEN (Prince Escalas) - John most recently appeared in the Ovation-Award winning play Streetcar Named Desire at Deaf West Theatre and Johnny Moran at the Hudson Stages.  A native of San Francisco, he’s appeared in several feature films including Total Stranger, seen recently on Lifetime T.V.

GEOFFREY GOING (Prince’s Guard/”Broken Heart” dancer) has performed regionally as well as Off-Broadway and London. A few of his stage roles include Judas in Superstar, Tony in West Side Story, Jeff in Suburbia, King Philip in The Lion In Winter, Gregory Gardner in A Chorus Line. He has also worked on television productions such as Angel, Suddenly Susan, The Practice, Party of Five, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and currently just finished the independent film Game Room. He studied at The Boston Conservatory and received his B.A. from the University California Irvine. Industry professionals can obtain more information on Geoffrey through The Players Directory and

ZOOEY GREIF (OGGI guitarist) - This is Zooey’s first Shakespeare production.  He has played in several bands back in Texas.  He also played the role of Danny Pentico in Dazed and Confused.

KERRY GRETHER (Dancer) Kerry is 19 years old and currently attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.  After graduation in June, she plans to pursue a career in the Circus Arts.  She is a Virgo and enjoys eating sushi and long walks on the beach.

RYAN FALKNER (Peter/Dancer) - After acting in college Ryan spent the last three years pursuing other endeavors.  Now, with Romeo & Juliet, he makes his return to the stage.  Ryan hopes to continue to explore a burgeoning career in the performing arts as an actor and dancer.

GENE FEREAUD (Tybalt) - A recent grad from UCS’s BFA program, Gene comes to Romeo & Juliet off of a string of successful stage productions including Love’s Labours Lost, Blues for Mr. Charlie and Tracers.  Gene is very thankful to David McGaw and OGGI for such a wonderful opportunity in such a creative production.  “Tybalt is the raging wildman most of us try to restrain ourselves from being.  I love playing him because he’s not held by the rules of gentle society.”

JASON FIELDS (Friar John) The older I get the more I realize that acting is what I am called to do. Although I am just getting started, it's exciting to know that I am right in the middle of chasing my dreams. There is such a freedom that comes from overcoming your fears. I think when you allow yourself to become vulnerable that is when you find your true identity as an actor.

VARTAN HEKIMIAN (Old Capulet) - This is Vartan’s third Shakespeare production.  He has played in The Merchant of Venice and The Winters Tale.  Vartan studied British theatre in the Winter and Spring seasons of 1997 in London.

RONNIE HOLMES (OGGI drummer) - Ronnie has played in the Los Angeles area for many years.  He specializes in ethnic styles, blues, jazz, and rock ‘n’ roll, and has performed with Linda Ronstadt and Canned Heat among others.  Ronnie enjoys playing his classic Rogers drum set.

TED KATZOFF (Sword Master) - Swordplay choreographer for Hook and Outrageous Fortune.  Master’s degree in Theatre Arts, Fencing Master’s degree.  Founder of the Westside Fencing Center.

JOSEF S. KLUS (aka Joseph Steven) (Balthasar) - Chicago-boy Josef (B.S. Communications, U. of Illinois, 1978) has appeared in Man of La Mancha, Greensleeve's Magic, The House of Blue Leaves, and LA's The Oneness of God.  Often cast in film and television roles as Homeless or Hassidic, he can next be seen (Fall 2001) as a Paranoid Schizophrenic in Kevin Spacey's new film K-PAX. Josef is madly in love with Paris, where he lived for 5 years, and also works as a free-lance writer (

DAVID KRAAI (Paris) has a degree in acting from Binghamton University.  He has performed throughout New York and recently completed a national tour of the Southwest.  He was seen as the lead in the independent film Domestic Fury and Fierce Civil Strife.  This is his second California appearance - David played the role of Friar John in the world premiere of David McGaw’s ROMEO & JULIET.

CHRISTOPHER LOHR (Montague) has performed in many films and plays around the world.  Christopher has many areas of extensive training, including five languages and he loves singing and playing guitar.

FRANK MARTIN (OGGI guitarist) - Self-taught prodigy of two music teachers.  Bands played in: Jack Chance (Philadelphia), Blue Roots (Portland, Maine), Time Travelers (San Diego), Frank Rhodes and the Mustangs (San Francisco), Blackwater (Austin).  Rock and Roll Stories CD released November 2000 on Sweet Jacket Records.

DAVID McGAW (Romeo) click here to read more

JAKE McKINNEY (Capulet Fighter #1) - Yet another Chicago transplant, Jake has done several angry slacker roles such as Mugger #1, Angry Slacker, and Guy #2.  He is currently learning to weld to make his characters stronger.  Jake would like to thank David McGaw, Cindi, and DMSO.

MARGUERITE NOCERA (Lady Montague) - Marguerite was last seen at the Sierra Stage in A Midsummer Nights Dream, The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail at the Met Theatre, and Festival of One Acts at the Egyptian.  Trained as a dancer, she toured the U.S. and Europe.

MATT O’CONNOR is very creative. He's just released his first CD single of two of the many songs he's written. He's also been playing guitar for 12 years, he's been singing for 15 (!), he's a good enough soundtech to work on this show, and one bad assed roadie, who'd love to help you.

MARY ANN POWELL (The Nurse) has been actively pursuing an acting career in Los Angeles for many years.  This production of Romeo & Juliet is Mary Ann’s 99th role.  Whether playing an escaped mental patient, a bad cop, or the distraught trailer-trash mama of a nymphomaniac, there’s never a dull moment for a character actor in Los Angeles.  Mary Ann played The Nurse in the world premiere of David McGaw’s ROMEO & JULIET.

RADHA NILIA (Geisha, Bellydancer) Radha has studied theatre at the Southern Oregon University and bellydancing at the School of Shalimar.

DREW RALEIGH (Fighter/Dancer) has appeared many film and stage roles, most recently including The Crucible and Execution of Justice.  This is his third Shakespearean production.

PAMELA RICKARD (Dancer/choreographer) - Pam danced and competed with the nationally ranked Golden Girls and studied acting at Florida State University, where she played a lead role in the award-winning F.S.U. thesis film Breaths.  She is currently pursuing acting and is open to creative and challenging projects in film and television.

JENINE SMITH (Benvolio): A Chicago native, Jenine first performed Shakespeare at the age of eight playing "Banquo" in a school production of Macbeth. After college, she moved
to Pittsburgh where she played "Laertes" in Hamlet. Now that she's here in Los Angeles, Jenine is grateful to David McGaw for another chance to gender-bend with the Bard.

SNAKE:  age: 46  sign: Taurus  Height: 5’11'' Weight: 205  Disposition: Pissed 24-7... That last bit was a joke ok. Favorite quote: Heroes aren't born, they’re just ordinary people that survive extraordinary circumstances. 2nd Favorite quote: I don't care what the song says, dirty deeds cost big bucks.

ELIZABETH SWENSON (Lady Capulet) is a writer/actor/director as well as caretaker of Java, a little girl in a brown velvet dog-suit who hopes to play for the WBNA once we figure out how to break the spell that made her four-legged and thumb-less. Elizabeth is represented by Dorothy Day Otis Partners.

GINGER WADE (OGGI bassist, Music Director, Producer) click here to read more

YVETTE WALKER (Dancer/Party Guest) - Yvette enjoys modeling, ballet, and bellydancing.  She has performed in a play called The Dancer and has worked as an extra in film and TV.  Yvette was also a dancer in the world premiere of David McGaw’s ROMEO & JULIET.

GARY WEEKS (Fighter/Dancer) - As an LA-based actor originally from Georgia, Gary’s recent successes include upcoming co-starring roles on the SCI-FI series The Invisible Man and News from The Edge. You can also find him in a supporting role on Disney’s The Kid with Bruce Willis, and as the lead in the recently premiered film Waiting on the Lost.  He is also a screenwriter, an all-around athlete, and the brother of singer/songwriter Tony Weeks.

TONY WEEKS (Fighter/Dancer) - A musician as well as an actor, Tony Weeks relocated to Los Angeles from Atlanta in 1999. Since his arrival, he has secured a featured role and a song credit in the Morgan Simpson feature film 25 and Holding and a lead role in the upcoming short film Searching for Morris Townsend.   Tony has also written, performed, and produced two CDs of original music: No One But Everyone  in 1999, and Marina, Mouzens, and Mom’s Basement that was released earlier this month.

ED ZAJAC (Friar Lawrence), originally from Chicago, is very active in many areas of the entertainment industry. He is a drummer and percussionist for film and television soundtrack sessions, as well as a vocalist doing film, television, and jingle work. As an actor, he studies at Eric Morris Studios and The Actor's Studio, and is thrilled to be doing his first Shakespeare

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