British singer, songwriter, musician, actor, director.  Leader of the British-American band  OGGI and director of the feature film ROCKIN' ROMEO & JULIET.

Born in Liverpool, England, he trained at the Shelagh Elliot-Clarke College of Dance and Drama, Liverpool, and the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA), graduating with an honours degree in drama, ALAM (Honours).

He has worked with the New Shakespeare Company, London, in productions of Othello and Love's Labours Lost with Robert Stevens and Edward Fox; for the BBC TV in Play-of-the-Month When the Actors Come with Patrick Stewart and Alec McCowen; and various theatre companies throughout the United Kingdom.  He wrote, acted, and directed Questa, a musical in London, and has worked as a director on music videos in England and Germany. He directed the 25th Anniversary stage show for the Eulenspiegel Society in New York City and has produced TV shows in Hollywood.

David has been a singer-songwriter since childhood and has performed in several bands including "Wolf Gang," a German gothic-rock band; he is the founder of the British-American band OGGI.

Recently completed post-production in Hamburg, Germany, on his feature film of ROCKIN' ROMEO & JULIET, featuring his band OGGI in the musical version of William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet.

"Andrew Lloyd Webber meets the Rolling Stones."
    --BAM Magazine, Los Angeles

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