Bass player and musical director for the band OGGI

Member ASCAP 

Ginger Wade is the rhythm guitarist, background vocalist, secondary songwriter and sometimes bassist for the band OGGI.  She has written a number of songs for ROCKIN' ROMEO & JULIET including the song "Such Sweet Sorrow", as well as writing and sequencing much of the incidental music.  Her producing credits include mounting David McGaw's Romeo & Juliet onstage at Pershing Square in downtown Los Angeles and staging a backers' performance of the show at the LaCienega Center in Beverly Hills.  She is the producer of the  feature film of ROCKIN' ROMEO & JULIET, which has recently finished post-production in Hamburg, Germany.  Past producing credits include the short film "Aileen," screened at Manhattan's Miller Theatre, as well as several music videos and television programs broadcast in Los Angeles.

Ginger as Benvolio and as Juliet in "ROCKIN' ROMEO & JULIET"

From Brooklyn, New York, Ginger began her musical career as a classically-trained pianist before becoming entranced with jazz.  A brief stay at Boston's Berklee College of Music led her to take up the double bass.  At Columbia University she studied electronic music with Art Kreiger at the historic Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Laboratory.

While in school Ginger formed an all-girl punk rock band, The Harlots, handling rhythm guitar and vocal duties.  At the band's dissolution she switched again to playing the upright bass for a Brooklyn-based ska band.  In 1996 she and David McGaw founded the band that was OGGI.

In addition to her musical skills, Ginger Wade also works as a freelance writer, crafting sales and marketing materials for several independent film distribution companies in Los Angeles.  She has written extensive coverage as a script reader and has written a number of her own screenplays, including collaborating with David McGaw on the screenplay of ROCKIN' ROMEO & JULIET.  She graduated cum laude from Barnard College, winner of the Lenore Marshall Barnard Prize for Prose (fiction writing).

Ginger currently lives in Hamburg, Germany, where she is supervising the marketing and distribution of ROCKIN' ROMEO & JULIET .


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